About UsWhy choose us? Because we beat scammers. and you can earn more money with us

The main purpose of INTERMEDIUM is to facilitate the growth of new blockchain projects by making software available to hundreds of trusted promoters, thus helping them to avoid scams. We act as intermediaries so that customers and promoters can remain calm while they carry out or wait for their work. We provide a platform where you can find blockchain professionals focused on promoting projects, such as influencers, YouTubers, Telegram users, Redditors, Twitter users, Instagrammers, etc... Those promoters are welcome to our platform to create their portfolios and earn money without the risk of being scammed. In the same way, any customer can hire the services of these promoters without fear of being scammed.


How it works

The Meeting

A client searches for a promoter for a job

The agreement

The client and the promoter reach an agreement

The payment

The client makes the crypto-payment, and we hold it

The conclusion

If the job is done, we send the money to the promoter; otherwise, we refund the money to the client

Our ServicesEverything you can do with us

We are focused on connecting anyone with trusted promoters to obtain high-quality services


If you are a Twitter user, Telegram user, or any other promoter, you can create your portfolio with our platform to earn money in a safe way


If you are an influencer, you can use your entire social media to promote projects by creating your portfolio with our platform to earn money in a safe way

Ad Manager

If you are a Poocoin, Bscscan, Coinmarketcap, etc. ad manager, you can create your portfolio with our platform to earn money in a safe way

Mini-jobs: Earn money

Anyone can earn money on our platform by doing mini- jobs that are generated by the community


If you want and are eligible, you can become a moderator on our platform and help the project while earning extra money

Grow your project

If you have a blockchain project and you want to make it grow, you are in the right place. You can search for the perfect promoter among our hundreds of trusted promoters


OROS TokenHow INTERMEDIUM benefits the OROS token?


All fees on this platform will be paid with OROS. Part of those fees will be burned from time to time


Only OROS holders will be able to earn money by completing our mini-jobs

Verified Check Mark

OROS will be used to establish requirements on important topics such as promoter verification, trusted promoter, etc...